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Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished

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We are not financial advisors! Everyone needs to do their own homework! Silver is still very affordable for any ones budget! Pre 1965 silver dimes, quarters and half dollars.  2012 Silver is the best Investment Robert Kiyosaki author of “Conspiracy Of  The Rich”  clip on YT 

Stansberry Associates is predicting gold to go over $10,000 per ounce sometime during 2012, gold and silver parabolic top by the numbers. Silver is still affordable for any and everyone to buy at this time. The price of gold going to 10,000 per ounce makes sense if the US was to go back onto the gold standard of the Bretton Woods agreement of nations, circa 1944.

Call Josh at Monex and purchase gold and silver NOW!  Josh Schiller 1-800-444-8317 ext 2154. There are lots of gold and silver coin brokers out there. We are just suggesting this only as one resource. 

Safety deposit boxes are safe place to store items. Home safes are good to have and come in different grades. Floor safes are very effective and very cost affordable. Some advisors suggest having several months of cash on hand when bank runs do occur and banks shut down to regroup or to forestall the banks run in progress and could also limit amounts at ATM transactions.   

Again we are not financial advisors! Everyone needs to do their own homework! Silver is still very affordable for any ones budget!

A simply illustration as to why purchasing silver coins now! Gas money!  

Solving for X  How to determine the future price of gas at the pump. Take current price of a barrel of crude oil, times the price of $3.28 for a gallon of gas then divide by 100. Why? If a barrel of oil goes for $100 then the price of gas will normally sell for $3.29 a gallon. A proven ratio, yet prices tends be even higher for a gallon of gas in urban areas of California even using this formula.  If a barrel of oil goes for $200 a barrel, then the price of a gallon of gas will go for $6.56 a gallon.  If the price of oil goes for $300 per barrel then a gallon of gas will sell for $9.84 a gallon. When the US dollar becomes worthless, the gas will be even higher price.

In reality, Brent crude oil on June 6th closed at $100.60 Price for a gallon of gas in Los Angeles, low average at $3.65 / high side of $4.65. Claiming refinery issues for the recent rise in gas prices. Using the above formula with reality ratio $3.65 for gallon gives more accurate predictions for future gas prices.    

Gold roughly today (June 2012) is at $1650. per ounce. Stansberry predicts gold to go to over $9000 per ounce by the end of the year 2012. That is a fivefold increase. (Actually your paper money and saving has become worthless) If Brent crude oil  prices goes to over $300. per barrel, this do to war and more, then multiply the future price of gas by 5 times. So gas could easily go to over $50 dollars a gallon. Some people are seeking alternative fuel vehicles, electric, alcohol, propane, natural gas and more.  Motorcycles, mopeds and such are good milage on gas. Bicycles work well too. Do your own homework and think it through on what might work best for your situation.

When I was a kid a pre 1965 silver quarter could buy a gallon of gas. That same silver quarter can still buy a gallon of gas today. Silver is a great buy today. Anyone can afford to invest in silver coins, look at it as future gas money tucked away. A bag of silver quarters, called a 1000 dollar bag, costs today about $21,400. As of this writing June 20th 2012. It contains 4000 quarters in it. Even if you can only afford to purchase only a small amount of silver coins now, even just a few, you’re still ahead of the game. Some advisors share that purchasing silver half dollars may be a better way to own silver coins.

Here is an extremely handy silver coin calculator, works great with real time silver prices to see what your silver coins are actually worth at the current market values. Enter what type of silver coin you own and then see its silver value.  Book mark this!

These prices as of this writing are found here


Full Bag Silver Half Dollars ($1000) Coins $21,485.65

Half Bag Silver Half Dollars ($500) Coins $10,778.58

Quarter Bag Silver Half Dollars ($250) Coins $5,407.17

Tenth Bag Silver Half Dollars ($100) Coins $2,188.72


Full Bag Silver Quarters ($1000) Coins $21,385.65

Half Bag Silver Quarters ($500) Coins $10,728.58

Quarter Bag Silver Quarters ($250) Coins $5,382.16

Tenth Bag Silver Quarters ($100) Coins $2,178.72

90% SILVER DIME BAGS (Pre 1965)

Full Bag Silver Dimes ($1000) Coins $21,385.65

Half Bag Silver Dimes ($500) Coins $10,728.58

Quarter Bag Silver Dimes ($250) Coins $5,382.16

Tenth Bag Silver Dimes ($100) Coins $2,178.72

Also stock up on food NOW, when economies collapse expect rapid rise in food prices and even food riots, runs on the supermarkets, especially once war begins.  A 50lb bag of rice will feed a family of four for a year.  And with buying a 50 lbs bag of beans (of any type) you have all the essential amino acids to sustain life, and then build your food reserves around your rice and beans base with lots of “canned good items”. Rice and beans have been feeding the poor for thousands of years. Obviously it’s nice to have salt, pepper, cooking oil or olive oil for preparing your rice and beans etc for the long haul. Think it though! Everyone must do their own homework. Things will not get better for a long long while, years in fact, in fact things should go from bad to worse. Economic hardships kills more people than any bomb or bullet of man ever will. Every see those TV commercial of starving kids or families in a foreign land, stuff like that is coming to America (I know its hard to accept that). It’s all part of the globalist agenda, to wipe people out and also to get people to submit to new laws and possible even regime changes. Noah did not wait till it started raining to build the ark. Don’t wait either; act now while there is still some time, possible even down size to RV life to cut down on the costs of housing expenses. If you were to lose your job and more, what will you do for a place to live? Think things through and do your own homework.

Douglas Nicholson / Biblical Researcher

Torah obsevant of Lord Yeshua

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