FBI, Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson shares compelling evidence and keen insight into the notorious McMartin Preschool alleged child-molestation case.

Retired 27-year Head of the FBI, Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson shares compelling evidence and keen insight into the notorious McMartin Preschool alleged child-molestation case. He shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.

I share about this now because this becoming very rampant out there NOW, today,  with devil worshiping kids, teens and adults too.  Those who follow the devil like to cause harm, through “various family tensions and social terrorism of work or at home” and  through many other means, including the spreading  the sales of  illegal drugs which is very rampant. (Also a red flag of Satan worshipers at work, is that they are all illegal drug dealers or users) What “DW” devil worshiper’s goal in targeting a very young child, a teen or adult is to cause separation from God. Not to obey the instructions of God to live by as found in the Bible.  The DW followers are also very pro gay, very pro no rules (do whatever you want) etc.  Liken to what the serpent said to Eve in the garden. (It’s ok try it, you will like it or be liken to God, knowing good from evil,  all a bunch of lies )  It’s a complete scam!  FYI: Nothing is about Torah, the first five books of the Bible, God made it that way on purpose so the devil could not get a foot hold on a follower of Lord Yeshua and are His instructions to live by for a godly life., For having and living a proper walk with the Lord. It is easy to be Torah observant of Lord Yeshua and John the apostle taught for that too. 1John 5:3 For this is the love of God, (Deut 6:5-6) that we keep His commandments. (All God’s laws including the Sabbaths of Leviticus 23) And His commandments (God’s laws) are not burdensome.  (Review my studies on how to be Torah observant of Lord Yeshua at lasttrumpet org directory)

Former head of the FBI, Los Angeles office,  Ted Gunderson

FYI, better to remain abstinent, than to defile yourself with woman. ( I enjoy woman, been married,  divorced now for many years now, but later in my life I have seen how the devil try to use all sorts of things to hurt men with, including the using of woman who don’t have a proper walk with God)  (Rev 14:4 These are the ones who were not defiled with women (sex), for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These were redeemed from among men, being first fruits to God and to the Lamb.)

I have even noticed, simply aware of, over the many years even very professional woman do some very dumb things, especially if they don’t have a proper walk with God, are not being Torah observant unto the Lord.

Documentary on Girls Turned Killers  


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