The agenda against Syria. Damascus looks to be nuked

The agenda against Syria. This agenda has been in the hopper for a long time now.  From the Bible Damascus looks to be nuked at some point in time.

Isaiah 17:1 The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap

Syria hold a vast amounts of nerve gas only to be used ”as a deterrent”  from attack.  Appears to be working!

How do you destroy nerve gas? You incinerate it. That is the standard operating procedure for destroying all type of nerve gas. Do your own homework.  So a thermal nuclear weapon being used against Damascus just might achieve that, destory much  of the nerve gas that Syria stock piled.

Also how to provoke a fight with Iran? First you provoke a war with Syria. They both share a mutual assurance treaty. Russia is also a long time friend of Syria and has drawn a line in the sand against US aggression in the Middle East. 

Also click here  to view clip  (update: The video below had been removed from YouTube, (for some reason) I found another link for it. Must be too political especially in light of things going on in Syira) This is not the first time this has happen in sharing insights with others.  

I have notice that informative videos are being removed from YouTube, why? Download things while you can if you find a good one. 


Here is a link about  

Information Minister: We have incontrovertible proof that terrorists used chemical weapons

 ’US fixing intelligence around Syria as unsure who’s behind chemical attack’  link for YT clip, RT News



Map below of  land grab goals and agenda of Israel in the Middle East. (So now you know what the real game plan is) This was planned out long ago from the early days befor Israel being back in the land.  The events of 911 took the US over to the Middle East and is still there spilling the blood of US soldiers, this only for Israel’s agenda’s in the Middle East. (The Zionist are also planning on bankrupting the US as part of their plans for a tentative Marxist takeover of the US, that is very easy to prove) Then what to do with all those vast amount of middle class people of the US who will soon to be unemployed and worse? What did Lenin and Stalin do with the 40 million people of Russia who were in the way of the Lenin and Stalin of the Marxist agenda against Russia? Obama is a proven Marxist. Obama’s  real father is the noted communist Frank Marshal Davis and Obama speaks of him as his personal mentor during Obama’s youth.

Stock up like crazy NOW with 3 to 4 years worth of food and other must have items. Those who prepare always do much better than those who do not prepare. Wake up!

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple (the stupid) pass on and are punished.
Proverbs 27:12 A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; The simple pass on and are punished.

The Israel of Theodore Herzl (1904) and Rabbi Fischmann (1947)

land grab goals of Israel









From: In his Complete Diaries, Vol.II, Page 711, Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, says that the area of the Jewish state stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates”.

The map above is from the study given by Ralph Schoenman, “The Hidden History of Zionism“  Ralph Schoenman is also often heard on RT News and other independent news resources not controlled by the main stream news media.


Douglas Nicholson / Biblical researcher

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