Bank runs in Europe, things Syria, US is quickly becoming another Nazi Germany

Obama Envoy Tries to Calm Euro Bank Runs. The urgency of the trip, the Wall Street Journal explained yesterday, is to “calm fears of cascading bank runs in Spain and other nations even before Greece’s June 17 election.”

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder said the military alliance lacks two key mandates that would allow it to intervene in Syria to stop violence between President Bashar al-Assad and opposition forces. US envoy to NATO: Alliance lacks ‘sound legal basis’ for Syria intervention

Now I have friends who are Syrian Christians, who shared with me that President Bashar al-Assad father, Hafez al-Assad was CIA and also worked with Israel. These Syrian Christians also shared that al-Asssad father Hafez al-Assad had a prearranged  deal with Israel to give the Golan Heights back to Israel. Hafez al-Assad could not just hand it back over to Israel, thus facing public humiliation from the Arab Muslim world so it had to be done under the auspices of a war, the 6 day war.(video)  A military axiom “those who control the high ground controls all ground.”

Syrian Girl (She is popular, she exposes al-Qaeda as part of the CIA and calls them AL CIA) Syrian Girl video She lives in Brussels. The Muslim Brotherhood is a type of communism, Islamic communism if you will. Glenn Beck exposes Muslim Brotherhood as communist agenda. Al Qaeda is of Saudi Arabia.

Who is really the CIA, see this study by Michael Ruppert former LA PD narcodicts officer. It will blow you away. The CIA is the strong and resouce of Wall Street financial elite and will help you to understand the bigger picture. Online video THE TRUTH & LIES OF 9/11 by  Michael Ruppert (former LA PD narcotics officer)

 You really have to have a score card to know who all the players really are! Do your own homework; don’t just trust the “main stream media” that only serves for its task masters, for the globalists agendas at play.  I set up Google alerts, for various news alerts for certain buzz words I have selected and then review the articles as it comes across my desk each day. Anyone can do this!

Nazi Germany before invading a nation would send in various trouble makers, its factions, “terrorist orgs of a sort”, this in part as standard operating procedure, SAP. This is nothing new and been used by various nations of conquest as SAP for thousands of years. The Nazi Germany also has its geo political strategist to formulate various game plans for global control. See US film on Nazi Germany. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a modern day geo political strategist who wrote the book “The Grand Chessboard” available on Amazon, which outlines in part the US agenda for Eurasian, the Middle and Far East. The US is quickly becoming a fascist nation, “nationalism” very much like Nazi Germany, with this purpose for global control to serve for globalist agenda. The US is also cutting off China oil supply much like the US did to Japan before the start of WWII.  Sanctions against any nation are considered “acts of war.” Listen to Dr. Paul Craig Robert former editor of the Wall Street Journal and Regan era economic advisor speaking on how the US is forcing China into WWIII.  The US wants to allow preemptive nuke strikes upon its soil which will look more like a 911 type of “shocker event.’ Thus also trying to force upon the US public to accept their “even more laws and controls” over it.  Joel Skousen shares his insights regarding this 911 type of shocker event. Get his book Strategic Relocation



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